Boulder Lake Lodge Activities

The Wind River Range is truly one of the last primitive frontiers in the nation. There are guided float trips down the Green or North Fork Rivers to scenic hikes from the lodge, or take a wilderness pack trip into the high country.
Boulder Lake Lodge has been catering to our outdoor guests pleasures since the late 1800’s. It’s truly a memorable vacation the whole family will enjoy.


World Class Angling in a World Class Setting

Finis Mitchell operated one of the first, if not the first, fishing camp in the Western Rocky Mountains in the 1930’s. Historically the many lakes of the Wind River Mountain Range did not contain fish but did have the perfect habitat of clean cool water and insect and plant life to support fish.

Finis Mitchell and his brother personally stocked the Wind River Mountain lakes with trout, in some lakes he chose Browns, some Brook, some Rainbows as he packed them in old 40 gallon milk jugs stopping to hand aerate the water as he packed into the many lakes of the Wind River Range. Thus began the fishing paradise of Boulder Lake Lodge. The habitat was fantastic and the fish grew quickly in size and population from this modest beginning.

Now of course planting fish is strictly forbidden and illegal and the professionals at Wyoming Game and Fish use more modern equipment like helicopters to transplant fish as biological needs dictate. Golden trout are also planted in some lakes and while a little more finicky to catch offer another unique fishing opportunity.

Boulder Lake is famous for it’s lake trout with many huge lunkers caught here. Trolling from boat is the most productive way to catch these monsters. Boulder Lake also offers shoreline fishing which has all species of trout.
Fishing days are achievable in the remote waters, accessible only by horseback and by foot. Almost all streams run into or out of great fishing lakes for combination lake and stream fishing. For instance, great fishing can be found between the outlet of Lake Victor and the inlet of North Fork Lake.

Boulder Creek is just a few hundred feet from the lodge itself. The creek offers good fishing by horseback or hiking up the canyon.  You can also fish Boulder Creek below the dam outlet which is on BLM property and just a few minutes drive from the lodge.  Take a drift boat or float tube down the famous Green or New Fork Rivers.

The Green River is often called the headwaters of the west. It’s headwaters form the Colorado River many miles downstream.

Famous Local fish include : Cutthroat- native fish, Brook, Brown, Rainbow, Golden, Kokanee, and Cutt-Bow Hybrid (cross between rainbow and native cutthroat’s).

Wilderness fishing/pack trips (full service)
 2-3 people $325.00
4 or more $275.00

There may be an additional surcharge for distance and time.

Discover the Wind River BackcountryHORSE BACK RIDING

Experience the Trail from a Whole New Point of View

This is a great way to introduce your children, parents, and friends to the magnificence of the great outdoors. You will ride through some of the most pristine areas available with the cleanest air in the country (Fact: it’s designated a Class 1 air shed). The crystal clear lakes, mountain streams, glaciers, and wild flowers, form a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors set amongst surrounding  peaks. This gives you the freedom from modern stresses and is best enjoyed on the back of a horse for a true outdoor adventure. With 1300 named lakes and miles of creeks, rivers, and streams, it’s truly a fishing paradise.

1 hour ride $50.00
1/2 day $100.00 includes lunch

Full day $150.00 includes lunch

There may be an additional surcharge for distance and time.


You Enjoy the Trail. Let Us Worry About Logistics.

We can pack you and your gear to the location of your choice or we can recommend great locations to meet your needs for solitude, scenery, wildlife, and fishing. You can ride our gentle mountain horses or hike in and meet us at a prearranged location.

Each pack animal can carry 140 pounds of load, saving you the back breaking work of carrying your gear.

You can bring the essentials for comfortable camping in the Wilderness! You provide all the gear and food for your trip & we provide the transportation. We also offer fully furnished trips with horses that stay with you, deluxe camps, cook and excellent backcountry meals, wranglers….all you do is show up!

Bookings available upon 2019 Forest Service permits.

Gear Drops (one way pricing)
$175.00 per guide per drop

$150.00 per pack animal (150 lb limit per pack animal)

There may be an additional surcharge for distance and time.

Hot Showers, Warm Meals, Wilderness Trails BACKPACKING the WINDS

Make Boulder Lake Lodge Your Wind River Backpacking Headquarters.

If backpacking is your passion, then Boulder, WY is your destination. From the crystal clear alpine lakes, to the breathtaking 360 degree views, this country will keep you coming back for more. There is world class fishing, plush mountain meadows and evergreen forests that will take your breath away.  We are a few miles from the Continental Divide Trail, the Highline Trail, and the Fremont Trail.

Boulder Lake Lodge can provide you a one stop destination that offers you lodging, food, transportation to another trail head (via horse or vehicle), or we can meet you at a designated site for a re-supply on your trek across the Wind River Mountains. The Boulder Creek Trail Head is just a few hundred yards from the Lodge. Here you  can spend a night, get a warm meal, hot shower, clean laundry, and a good night sleep in a comfortable bed and then set out the next day on the second half of your adventure.

Boulder Lake Lodge is located in a pristine location to accommodate those who love to backpack, and we would be happy to help make your trip an adventure to remember.

Rustic Charm, Western Elegance WEDDINGS & SPECIAL EVENTS

A Wyoming Wedding Destination at Boulder Lake Lodge

Imagine the perfect setting for your wedding with a fully immersive time surrounded by your families and friends. Boulder Lake Lodge can provide the ultimate ranch/western style, secluded mountain wedding in a remote setting with comfortable accommodations, custom catering, and full service bar.

Guests can enjoy all of the ranch activities. From fly fishing outings to horseback rides, lake fishing and swimming, there is something for every generation to enjoy.

Please call or email us for a quote!  We look forward to helping you accomplish your wedding event dreams!

Our base package includes

  • The Lodge
  • 10 Rooms
  • 2 Meals (buffet style) and all linens (white), tables and chairs for up to 50 people
  • Cash bar
  • For an additional charge, we can provide an officiant, DJ, and the honeymoon cabin.